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LA Weekly: Best Rockabilly Artist
by Jonny Whiteside                                                                              June 13, 2018

Brian Hogan

Photo: Susie Delany

instagram @susieq


Show-stopping rocker Brian Hogan has been plying his trade for a few years throughout the region, and the Hollywood native's engaging presentation of self-penned originals and shrewdly selected classics

is a solid mix that defies retro cliché and gleefully drags the genre into

a high-voltage present tense.


Hogan's show is lively, unpredictable and fraught with spontaneous combustion; he frequently leaps off the bandstand and stalks the dance floor, stirring up feverish audience response with devilish ease. He works with some formidable Tinseltown DNA — his father was the Native American actor Pat Hogan ("The 1950s go-to-guy when they needed an Indian chief to wrestle — Charlton Heston killed him twice!" Hogan said) and his uncle is '60s television wunderkinder Johnny Crawford, but his appealing, natural rockability is Hogan's alone.

LA Times: Burbank native Brian Hogan ready to rock
by Jonny Whiteside
“Hogan's demonstrable involvement and almost confrontational audience participation have an invariably electrifying effect. The 6-foot-4 singer is a natural-born charmer with a rich, lustrous set of baritone pipes, and his signature forays onto the dance floor routinely elicit squeals of delight from his female listeners.”
L.A. RECORD: Brian Hogan
by Dan Collins
“Remember how cool Chris Isaak was on the soundtrack to Wild at Heart? It’s that classy, but deeper than Isaak’s Orbisonisms. It’s more like a George Jones who doesn’t always drink beer—but when he does, he prefers Dos Equis.”
Interview with legendary Ronnie Mack
Episodes 30 (49:49)
Episodes 31 (39:00)
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